Monday, May 18, 2009


What a beautiful weekend it was this past weekend. I usually have friday's off work so I have a long weekend every weekend, fulltime hours though. Craig ended up with a flexi day last friday too. Yey!! I worked on some balloon arrangents for friday and hired out some of our fancy dress costumes for the same party on saturday night.( see

The I thought we might head to the local RSM for lunch which was really nice. Well the food was really nice but we were no sooner eaten and Craig wanted to go. Obviously not really his thing, it's only the RSM for goodness sake but he is more a McDonalds man unfortunately.
Then off to share the rest of the day with Craig thought this would be really nice too but he had other plans . When we arrived home he headed for the shed , I asked what you doin'? Back to work on something I asked him to do earlier. Yeah I said it as a passing comment , you know when you get time I meant not straight away!

I have to be really careful what I say as he jumps straight into it and starts working on a project. Sometimes before I am even aware he has made some THING that looks nothing like what I dreamed of it looking like. Most of the time he draws me a picture 1st which prevents tension later.
That was friday gone........... Saturday we cleaned house and yard and had to dump our washing machine that had carked it yesterday. Yep I forgot to tell you about that one!! We spent lovely time at the laundromat( more fun than i thoughtLOL)
I decided to go for drive to the dump with him WHAT FOR?? I don't know OMG it stinks!!!
I took some photos whe i came home!! not much to write home about but one is of the tree out back that is just starting to lose it's leaves and the other of our 'plumbago' plant that a friend is very jealous of because she can't grow it in her garden. Oh well we're even because I can't grow a bloomin palm tree in my garden and her place is full of them and we don't even live on the coast so I reckon she's doin' alright.

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