Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas morning

I made these jars of Cowgirl cookies from & put them in their santa sacks. The girls went mad for these. They wanted to make them up on Christmas day but I had to take control & say 'hold your horses, we already have far too much food' haha sorry 'bout the pun. Nik reckons all her Uni buddies will go crazy when she cooks up the cowgirl cookies.
She loves to dress up & chrissy was just another excuse.
We had a blue & silver theme this year, in fact I think I became a traitor from Pink this year.

Yep, they were sooooooo happy when they seen their Napoleon gift bags but not as excited as they were when they opened their Pandora bags. This was the 'best Christmas ever' they reckon. Santa & I bought all the girls a silver Pandora bracelet with a little silver house charm.
We explained its significance. We explained that they should always remember that they will always have somewhere to come home to where they can feel safe. The door will always be open.... All I want for christmas (for the past 10 years!) is a pair of footy shorts. Well this is your lucky year darling!!! Merry Christmas !!!!!

Christmas day lunch at The Lancasters.
The two older girls were her for this and did they have a feast. We had oysters, salmon and prawns all given to us , this was a real treat and the girls loved having the oysters to themselves.Craig & I not too keen on oysters.
We still had the traditional ham and chicken, no pork or turkey for us this year. We enjoyed lots of salad dishes & only one hot dish of potato bake. Too hot for anything else we thought. We shared bottles of our favourite wine, Browns Brothers Merlot. Yummy.

My last Christmas Eve in Inverell

How beautiful is our angel
The girls are 16, 20 & 21 but the still like their sack of goodies from Santa Good things come in small packages

Miranda & Bec (Besties) exchanging gifts...........aaHhhh!!! That's Pandora ahhh!! & Napoleon