Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday

I love a bargain!!!!Looked what we picked up for $2 each. We bought the only 20 pots left.
Usually $6 each , we made a killing at a third of the price. Saving (ku...ching$$$$)$80 yeehaa!!

Beautiful gerberas !!!!!!

Sweet Roses........mmmmmsmell it??
He loves me , he loves me not...........he loves me today.......
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Love is........a strawberry cheescake

Look what my hubby made, I knew I was keeping this photo for a special post. Hubby made this strawberry cheescakke for me 'just because ' one day last month. I'm glad I dug the photo out cause I wasn't luvin' him too much earlier today.
As much as I would like to think I have a perfect marriage I am a realist and I know that this isn't always so.
Yesterday i was ready to 'wring my husband's neck' . What for? you may ask? Well that was yesterday and lets just say that it's a good thing i don't hold grudges. Grrrrr........
Be careful what you wish for , they say...................yesterday, I hoped and prayed that something would change his (yes his !) behaviour towards me and what happened I woke up to a stinkin' dust storm didn't I? My goodness I thought, what have I done!! wished for a miracle or more like a disaster of sorts.I wondered how this dust was going to change the little storm we had going on inside the house.??
Hubby went off to work still NOT HAPPY with me and I stayed home with a stomach virus. Later in the morning he arrived home with my favorite hamburger and an Iced Coffee (my fave!! ) he knew I wouldn't venture out in the dust today so he bought me home home lunch. Had we had not had the dust storm things may have been a bit different.
I just melted into his arms and everything was OK Again.......all is forgiven,again.
Now, I'm off to cook him up a big dinner and give him a big hug when he comes through the door singing out 'honey I m home!!!'( he loves saying that!hehe)
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Dust over Inverell

I think a trip to the carwash is needed , maybe tomorrow? The dust feels thick on my tongue and gritty to my eyes and I haven't even been 'out in it' today. This photo doesn't really show the extent of it all really. This is at 3.15pm this afternoon, it seems to becoming clearer but the winds aren't dying down at all. This is a photo looking over the top of my neighbours rooftop. It's very dusty outside and blowing a gale. I am inside with the house all locked up. All relatives and friends seemed to be affected by it over a lot of Australia.
I thought I 'd get in and do some cleaning and ironing etc etc. BUT guess what i done ?
Not a heck of a lot of anything. I roamed around on blogland and then rang all my rellies to see how they were coping with the weather conditions and just a lot of R & R really.
The dust has had me concerned for my mum and dad who both have emphysema and of course you worry for your children, don't you when they are living away from home and are 'bulletproof'.
I 've rang my parents twice already today, you see i am very worried for my dad who lives with an oxygen cylinder. We nearly lost him last year until the Dr discussed what would happen to him if he 'became worse'. Well, talk about 'will to live'!! I believe it was a good thing that dad was informed of his condition. They said he wouldn't come out of hospital ever but you don't know my dad . He's a real fighter!! hey, i didn't know my dad either!!
But i am getting to know him better again, stuff we missed when I turned into a rebellious teenager.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Heirloom Party September 18

Hi Girls
I only just found out there is an Heirloom Party happening over at
If I have time I 'm going to join in but didn't want you all missing out
so pop on over & check it out.
Don't be late!!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Last weekend

Note to self: post pictures before writing notes Agh!! This crazy little duster I picked up for $2 has a battery controlled spinning head that makes dusting a bit easier, not bad I d give it a 7/10. (Can't beat a damp cloth & vanilla. )
Yep, there he is again, not a bad bloke to have around hehe. I was a single mum for quite a while and once did quite a bit of hard labour myself. But now the only time I get to do hard labour tis when this guy is upset with me. Grrrrrrr!!LOL
With the lights on!

Practising balloon decorating
I can't understand when someone says to me that they are bored. I just don't get it!!
Maybe I take on too much sometimes ?? I 'm not sure?? I actually fear the word 'bored'. I actually have a problem with it. I just feel that no good comes from boredom so I keep busy, amused, stimulated or whatever you I want to call it Blah, blah,blah............
Anyway, here 's how I kept busy last weekend
Made balloon sculpture
Helped decorate a couple's wedding
Cleaned house
Tidied up the yard
Went for a walk along the river

Pulled down decorations at the wedding
Had brunch on Sunday at an outdoor cafe(crap, can't remember its name!)
Watched a couple of DVD's
Promoted our business some more
Had friends visit
Visited the cemetery
Mowed lawn
Ran the car through the carwash
Practised balloon decorating for the coming weekends events
& read some of your blogs.
Hope you all have a great weekend!!!!!!!!

Hayley & Todd's Wedding in Inverell

Last Saturday was a beautiful day for Hayley & Todd's wedding ceremony.
The young couple chose to have their ceremony in the rotunda and then later held the reception in the Riverside Restaurant on the other side of the town bridge. Our business, Balloons n Stuf hired out the pedestals and arch for the ceremony & the couple then chose to enlist friends & family to place the items at the reception area afterwards.
The bride wore a very elegant halter neck gown whilst the attendants wore gowns of a gorgeous shade of purple. The groom & his gentlemen looked stunning in their charcoal suits
The Bride & her attendants walked under the bridge , along the McIntyre River & along the path in the park leading up to the ceremony.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Vivid memories of some special times spent with my Dad.

Dad always made friday nights special for us kids. If it wasn't staying at home making ice cream soda's it was walking to the town pool in the warm summer evenings to buy a milkshake at the kiosk or driving the family to the 'busy bee cafe' for an ice cream sundae & raisin toast.
Tagging along with dad to auction sales & garage sales to pick up other people's trash to turn into treasure.

Digging worms to go fishing on the river bank.
My feet being planted firmly on top of his, holding hands & dancing around the house like i was the most important girl in the world.

Trying to squeeze in between dad & mum as they cuddled, sang & danced in the hallway.

and I 'll never forget when I returned home to visit, 2 weeks after I left to move in with my boyfriend at 18. He didn't talk to me & I couldn't understand why at the time.
Mum said I 'd understand one day when I had my own kids.

Now, 'I totally get it, Dad!'

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Beauty sleep??

It's been a while ....but last night I SLEPT LIKE A BABY!!! & I am ecstatic to say that I am still feeling the effects!!!!!!!!!!! You know what ?I'd like to stop & chat & catch up with you all BUT I 'm not cause..........
The sun is shining & the birds are singing &
i'm not going to waste one minute of this glorious day........
So I'll catchya' later on this evening MAYBE.....That's if I haven't burnt myself out hehe
Have a great Father's Day everyone.........&