Friday, February 26, 2010

Togo's tonight

Ahhhh those memorable Toga Nights at Uni
Well not memorable for me 'cause I never had a toga night HAHA
not keen on those drinkies there girls naughty naughty smack smack
just had to show you what these young chickies of mine can make out of a couple of pretty girlie bedsheets, don't you just wanna be young again!!!!!!!!mmmmmm
I am convinced this is the main reason my other child (pink) started Uni this year
Tsk! Tsk!

Passing it on....

Now its time to pass on The Circle Of Friends Award
The Award that is presented to people who bring a smile to your face or just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside
Thankyou again to Kimmie from
Here are the recipients

Hello Sunshine!!!!

Well hello sunshine & Kimmie from sure you wander over to The Serendipity Cafe for a miriad of inspiring thoughts, poems & a delish-ious bite to eat.
Thankyou Kimmie for awarding me another inspiring award.
I need to pass this award onto 12 people who make the day shine for me
This award is awarded to others who positively and creatively inspire other s in the blog world.
phew! & 2 more later

Friday, February 19, 2010

Change is inevitable

Warning: the following is a whole lot of rambling from an exhausted empty nester trying to get here groove back LOL

Some of you might be wondering what in the world is happening over here.
Well, Life's been a little bit quiter this side of hump day. Last few days I have been chillin' and trying to be at peace with myself and hubby.

The aftershock is not pleasant for me or my friends and family. Whilst I really don't know how he's feeling I can only imagine it must be confusing for him.

It doesn't matter how hard you try to keep others at a distance they will find you in time of need. Thank goodness!!!

We just need to open our arms to them.

Change is inevitable....they say.
Some of us cope with change and disruptions in our life and some of us find it mindblowing.

Me? I have learnt to cope with changes in my life, expect the unexpected and the outcome won't seem so frightening.
Hubby? Well he doesn't cope at all, doesn't like being out of his 'comfort zone'.

The recent move has been another major disruption to his life but then to have to face the reality of his only daughter growing up and sadly having to play second best to her boyfriend is not a comforting fact he wants to face.

Over the years, my circumstances and view of life in general has changed a lot particularly since Mother's Day 1996 after I was told I had cancer. For ten years after you have cancer you need follow up visits and tests to make sure it 'really has gone', you plead with God A LOT and ask him to please keep me alive until the girls have 'grown up' and you have little tolerance for people that complain about money and trivial stuff ALL the time.

I am the type of girl who says If there is a problem that needs fixing then FIX IT, if it is beyond repair then forget it.

At the same time, I am committed and have faith, i am willing to put effort into my relationship where its needed.

I am happy with myself and will not allow another person to tell me how I 'SHOULD BE'.

You can only change YOU not others. So for now we'll see where this relationship leads, taking one day at a time I'll press onto the next phase in our lives, loving and exploring each day with open arms.
I warned You!! I better get on with living and let you all do the same LOL thanks for listening
my little flock of angels.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thankyou Kimmie

My mood was spiralling downwards faster than the devil going to hell. Wow I know how that looks but i couldn't describe it any better. Thank goodness for Kimmie who lifted me out of the dark today.



It doesn't take a lot to make someone else's day really.

It may only take a little time & patience but it can make the world of difference

What might seem like a nice little gesture to someone, may be feel like

a new beginning, sunshine through the blinds or

a way out of the darkness for others.

Kimmie you have inspired me to get out of my dark mood today, you showed me that people do care for others even when we haven't even met each other.

I was reluctant to share my weekend dramas but I feel i might so i can move on to the next step in my life,

it all started with my dad...........

& facebook

My dad is suffering an illness and recently i decided to move

closer to his home town to see more of him and to also try and take some

of the load from my sister who has been a great support to both my mum & dad

when I haven't been there.

I was thinking a lot about the trip over to see dad & mum again soon when

I chose to write a comment on facebook

A day spent with dad................Priceless
To my shock !!!!!!!!!!

My darling step daughter who lives with her mum decided
the comment was meant for her

as she had chosen not to come to visit her dad AGAIN this weekend.

Of course she commented back rather rude comments and the rest is history !!!
It was decided between darling daughter, her mum & darling hubby of mine that the comment was definately intended for darling daughter.

I know what you are thinking.........

i must be mad...

How can I say that or even think it.........
AND the story goes.........
Daughter (16)has given dad an altermatem unfortunately and he has to make a choice.

Right now he is doing just that!!!
Deciding within the comfort of his dad's home(3 hours away)& with the support of his sister, whether or not he'll leave me or not.

He said he'll tell me his decision tomorrow.

I made a big mistake that I have avoided over all these years & that was


Again thanks Kimmie

for the award because It'll will keep me going until he decides if i am worthy

I 'll pass it on as soon as I can

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vintage finds

Found at Lismore Markets, New South Wales
At $300 for this beautiful platter cover,
all I could afford was a photo, Boo Hoo!!
I really must concentrate on how I take photos so I hide my reflection.LOLThere were two of these vintage (or vintage style?) aprons at $20 each
I really liked them!!!
Note to self: leave hubby at the bonsai stand next time
and slip away to the bank while he's not looking
missed out Boo Hoo again!!!