Monday, May 18, 2009

Pressies to share

I thought I'd share photo's of the gifts that I received from everyone for my birthday and Mother's Day. I know it's almost history but I still want to show you anyway. I included hubby's present that he gave to me 3 weeks after christmas and said 'I promised you I would buy you a big diamond ring one day and it's taken me 3 years since I said it and I finally done it but theres only one catch that its your birthday and christmas presents for the next 3 years'.

Great !!I was ecstatic I must tell you .This is a man who is turning from a 'gonna guy' to a 'makin it happen kinda guy' I thought. Anyway I really love the rings I already had but he must have noticed when I moaned over all those magazines & in jewellery shop windows after all.
Thankyou my darling!!! I Looove you!!
I'm not one to brag so I didn't show it off to anyone at work either I just waited until they noticed. Well, what can I say , it took a while didn't it??
Anyway, he's a man of his word cause I didn't get another pressie for this birthday did I BUT THAT's OK!!

The jar is to add to my collection of blue and white pieces (I ll show you one day) from Miranda and the painting was done by Monique ( I want to frame it soon) I'll have to check with her again to ask her what the words say as its hard to read .

In the next photo: I left one pressie out, I received it later from my sis when I visited recently and I can't wait to light it. Its a lavender relaxation candle.mmmm maybe when I'm soaking in a warm bath.

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  1. I love all of your gifts! That was so sweet of him to get you a new ring. It is beautiful! Happy 'Late' Birthday.
    Lee Laurie