Wednesday, May 26, 2010

State of Origin Game 1

The one time all year that I sit and watch footy is the 'State of Origin 'Game.
It's pouring down at the Sydney Stadium and the score is 18 - 28 QLD winning!!!
Yes I have lived in NSW all my life and I have been a traitor all my life. I have followed the queenslanders for as long as I remember, I know this is probably not a good thing to hear for some of u guys but unfortunately they are the better team LOL

Teacup Trio's

Our first fete at Northcott Tamworth was a huge success! It was the same weekend that Mother's Day fell on so, my contribution was these teacup trios filled with 2 teabags, small photo frame & some mints. I added some leftover shred from easter, wrapped with cellophane & tied with ribbon. We put $5 each on these and they were all gone in the first hour.
There were only about eight sets which in total cost me about $1.50each. The china was all picked up for $2 at a garage sale & the little frames bought on a card for $5 for about 12 & the rest of the goodies I had 'on hand'. I also worked on the craft stall and met many of the clients and their parents which I hadn't yet met, 'all in all' a great day!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sydney Trip

I had a very busy week, starting with flying to Sydney on Monday to learn more about my Respite program from another Manager at Northcott Disabilty Services, Roselands, Sydney.

I had only flown once before with my previous job, that was to Wadonga, Victoria so I was very anxious to say the least....

Instead of feeling nervous, I kept thinking about all the positives about the trip and my anxiety started to alleviate and soon I was feeling great & excited about my mini adventure.
These are the sights I seen looking over Sydney Harbour at 1pm Monday. (Actually I googled these photos, but it was so just the same)
I flew in on a Qantas Plane not Impulse, they're are the only ones that fly out of Tamworth.

This is what i might work up the courage to do one day............
The Bridge Climb
Sydney @Night

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Party Ideas For Kids

Short on ideas for your next kiddies party?
what about the tweens?
for some really kool & unique inspiration.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wiggles Concert in Tamworth

Whoo hoo I took a toil day just to spend it tagging along to a wiggles concert at the TRECC at Tamworth. My sister, my neice, her little boy age 2 & her little unborn baby girl.
The 5 of us had a great time sitting only 3 rows from the front..... way good seat!!!
Little Jayden didn't know what to make of it all & was literally shaking at first. He was over whelmed by the crowd & his favourite wiggle, Jeff. Little bubba still in the womb was kicking /clapping along with the show.
Hot potato, Hot potato!!! That Captain Feathersword took my heart!!! Oh I know, shouldn't be thinking like that but they were sooooo cute.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Ahhhhhhh Romance...........

Oh my how absolutely romantic.........
inspiration for my new bedroom makeover..............

Saturday, May 1, 2010

One Mum's Daily Challenges

Next Sunday will be Mother's Day and I have been spending some time trying to find that 'perfect' pressie for my mum & something that fits within my budget. Somehow , whilst looking for inspiration for gift ideas on the net & as usual & somehow came across this news article in the Herald Sun recently.

This letter below outlines familiar stories I hear often in my position as a Respite House Manager of the challenges that Mother's ( & fathers) face everyday with their children who have ongoing challenges due to their wide range of disabilities.
Some of these mum's never get a day off, never get a break, never have time out. I wish I could offer respite to many more mums next week so they could have a day off & mayb catch up on their sleep, get their hair done or do some windowshopping but unfortunately the Government only allows me to give 6 places to children in a my region which can cover hundreds of families.
So, next week, on Mother's Day, I ll be thinking of those mums that I couldn't help to give a bit if 'time out' & I will be very grateful & appreciative that I am able to have a peaceful, stressfree, restful day when some other mums are doing it so tough.

Click on the link below & hear about one mum's challenges that she faces every day.
A mother writes of waste and filling forms Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog