Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Richmond Hotel Lismore August 2010

We went out for dinner at The Richmond Hotel in Lismore one evening over the weekend and we shared some really nice conversation & some yum delicious food on the balcony of the restaurant with my daughters & their friends.

My beautiful first born child, Miranda & her bo' Murray.
My second born, beautiful Monique (right) & her friend Kimberley,

both only one year of finishing their UNI degrees.

They are all gorgeous, aren't they!!!

Delicious seafood platter for one, Nik & Kimberley shared theirs.

Always watching their weight!

Hubby had chicken schnitzel

& mine was a lamb, tomato & basil stir fry thingy

yummo delicious!

Lismore & the Channon Markets

We went to visit the girls at Lismore a couple of weekends ago when hubby & I both had time off work together. I snapped a couple of shots of the countryside around Lismore as we set on a wild goose chase looking for markets, no thanks to the Moteliers where we stayed over that weekend.
We finally found our way to Channon Markets. I was stoked that I chose to be the passenger so I could take in the gorgeous scenery. I swear someone's going to have an accident one of these days driving around perving out windows! What about that ocean blue sky, it's like magic. The famous Channon Markets, I picked up an old chandelier for $40, I ll post about it sometime soon.I could picture myself sitting on the verandah of that house on the hill & sipping iced tea on a lazy sunday afternoon.mmmmm zzzzzz

What about those hills covered in Macadamia Nut trees.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I won!!!

Whoo hoo!! I won!! Thankyou sooo much Brenda. Thankyou also to Megan who drew me out of the collander, no thanks to the chikky however.
Brenda was celebrating her 100th post recently when she decided to have a competition to win a set of her hand made pears.

Her LOve pears were on the front cover of Canberra City News recently when shophandmade an article about their new retail business.
You can find more of these lovely pears and some of her gorgeous handmade items over at
Thanks again Brenda! Your'e a gem!