Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hubby Love


Remember on Monday I was going to surprise him with a little love verse, well i was so darn tired that I slept in until 7am and hubby was up and ready to leave work by the time i opened my eyes.

So i finally made an effort to plant the little verse this morning as soon as he headed outside to take the rubbish out. I snuck it into his side pocket of his workbag and hoped he would see it later.

It wasn't long into the morning when i received a little text on my mobile saying he loved me and thanked me for note, he said later that it made him feel enthusiastic about his day knowing that i loved him so much. Ahhh. Its the little things isn't it that we should be grateful for and it doesn't take much.

After dinner tonight ,I refrained from boring him too much with my daily drudge and headed for the laptop for a while to 'chill'. I returned later to find him curled up fast asleep in front of the tele. He's do been really tired lately think he's gettin' a cold poor bugger. I might let him off the washing up for a couple of days LOL just joking!!!!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

I think I might print this out & tuck it away in hubby's wallet so when he goes to buy a drink at work tomorrow he will find it & hopefully it will make him feel good. He seems to like little surprises. Shhh... one day I plan to surprise him with a life size old model Ford !!! He'll like that!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

No time for Envy

I pondered over the things i needed to get done today and in the near future and what I envy of other's until i picked myself up & went to turning this frustration & need for success into something real for me.

I usually have a full agenda most days, rarely bored!! and if i need or want to achieve something ,i usually prioritise and make a list of goals listing them from the top with the MOST important to the LEAST important.

Then I plan on how & when i am going to achieve this goal.

For E.G

I was really envying my work mates turning up to work tomorrow in their shiny clean vehicles then I thought you dufus add 'Go to the Carwash' to your list and stop being stupid!!!

My list was getting really long , really early in the day. So I scrapped half'o the list and jumped the queue with this one because i really wanted my car to be shining tomorrow because I wanted her to fit in with the other cars on the carpark and not feel left out ( and it might have something to do with having the 'Best' park in the carpark hehe the boss's spot while she's away LOL).

So off I went WITH HUBBY to share the experience & it might have had something to do with him being able to control those bloomin' hoses!!LOL

Glorious Day for Gardening

What a great day to get out and do some gardening, look at the sunshine down the side of our home. Craig had just finished mowing the lawn, (LOOOve the smell of cut grass )and raking the leaves when I decided to don my sun hat, grab the clippers, pop out side & trim the hedge. Really I did do a better job than shows in the photo OoooWH. This is a success story for us as we are wanna be gardeners ans we had no trouble with these fast growing shrubs.
They have a gorgeous scent when the little white flowers are blossoming. I think it's called 'orange blossom?'
We popped out to one of our local nurseries earlier for a bit of inspiration. Hilton's nursery have a fantastic selection of plants, pots and parapanalia that I find hard to resist.I bought a little vilet which I thought would fit into the birdcage and sit on my porch, but I judged it wrong & ended up out back under the outdoor area.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Silver Jam server?

I thought I would show some of the items I have picked up from garage sales and 2nd hand stores. I have recently been inspired by other bloggers who seem to share the same passion.

I got this bug from dad as i was growing up. I think you have to have skill and talent to find treasures among others trash today. Many people have even made a business from it like my dad when I was younger. The difference between my dad and myself is that I can openly brag about a piece of furniture or item I picked up at a garage sale these days whereas my dad wouldn't dare brag as he was would have been shunned and looked down upon as being poor and having no 'class' at all. Instead he spruced them up and sold them off for a small profit to make ends meet and as a supplement to his basic income as an abbatoir worker and breadwinner in the family

My dad didn't make a fortune buying and selling treasures but he certainly helped to put food on the table and for that dad I am so grateful. Dad's suffering to take a breath these days as Emphysema takes hold of him and he lives with the support of an oxygen cylinder and my dear mum who never leaves his side.

Dad is extremely proud of me, I know this because he tells me all the time, so I show him with the blog what I do with my time as he lives about 3 hours away from here and I don't visit too often.

I bought this little silver treasure on the way to visit him recently and we chatted about it's origins for a while and between us all we decided that it probably was silver and that it was a jam server missing one spoon unfortunately. I really liked it anyway so I paid the dollar they asked and I can't wait to polish it soon.
Are we right is this a jam or sugar server ?

Monday, May 18, 2009


What a beautiful weekend it was this past weekend. I usually have friday's off work so I have a long weekend every weekend, fulltime hours though. Craig ended up with a flexi day last friday too. Yey!! I worked on some balloon arrangents for friday and hired out some of our fancy dress costumes for the same party on saturday night.( see

The I thought we might head to the local RSM for lunch which was really nice. Well the food was really nice but we were no sooner eaten and Craig wanted to go. Obviously not really his thing, it's only the RSM for goodness sake but he is more a McDonalds man unfortunately.
Then off to share the rest of the day with Craig thought this would be really nice too but he had other plans . When we arrived home he headed for the shed , I asked what you doin'? Back to work on something I asked him to do earlier. Yeah I said it as a passing comment , you know when you get time I meant not straight away!

I have to be really careful what I say as he jumps straight into it and starts working on a project. Sometimes before I am even aware he has made some THING that looks nothing like what I dreamed of it looking like. Most of the time he draws me a picture 1st which prevents tension later.
That was friday gone........... Saturday we cleaned house and yard and had to dump our washing machine that had carked it yesterday. Yep I forgot to tell you about that one!! We spent lovely time at the laundromat( more fun than i thoughtLOL)
I decided to go for drive to the dump with him WHAT FOR?? I don't know OMG it stinks!!!
I took some photos whe i came home!! not much to write home about but one is of the tree out back that is just starting to lose it's leaves and the other of our 'plumbago' plant that a friend is very jealous of because she can't grow it in her garden. Oh well we're even because I can't grow a bloomin palm tree in my garden and her place is full of them and we don't even live on the coast so I reckon she's doin' alright.

Pressies to share

I thought I'd share photo's of the gifts that I received from everyone for my birthday and Mother's Day. I know it's almost history but I still want to show you anyway. I included hubby's present that he gave to me 3 weeks after christmas and said 'I promised you I would buy you a big diamond ring one day and it's taken me 3 years since I said it and I finally done it but theres only one catch that its your birthday and christmas presents for the next 3 years'.

Great !!I was ecstatic I must tell you .This is a man who is turning from a 'gonna guy' to a 'makin it happen kinda guy' I thought. Anyway I really love the rings I already had but he must have noticed when I moaned over all those magazines & in jewellery shop windows after all.
Thankyou my darling!!! I Looove you!!
I'm not one to brag so I didn't show it off to anyone at work either I just waited until they noticed. Well, what can I say , it took a while didn't it??
Anyway, he's a man of his word cause I didn't get another pressie for this birthday did I BUT THAT's OK!!

The jar is to add to my collection of blue and white pieces (I ll show you one day) from Miranda and the painting was done by Monique ( I want to frame it soon) I'll have to check with her again to ask her what the words say as its hard to read .

In the next photo: I left one pressie out, I received it later from my sis when I visited recently and I can't wait to light it. Its a lavender relaxation candle.mmmm maybe when I'm soaking in a warm bath.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Mum, Inspirational!!!

For the first time ever MY MUM decided to enter the Gunnedah Show with some crafty work and she had a win. NO not one win but 5 wins!!! + 3 2nds. Gooooo Mum!!!

Wish I could show you a photo of her works but when I visited her the crafts were still at the show and I didn't have time to get there.

As I recall, she won 1st in the Australian Section with her painted Billy tea tin, 1st inXmas card section , 1st in Overall Card section(mums 1st attempt at cardmaking too!!),

1st in Prettiest Coathanger and Tissue Box cover and 2nd in fabric item(chooky) and 1st in the Prettiest Lavender Item. and a 2nd in the Scarf section.

Whew!!! great work Mum.

What an inspiration!!!
Cheers Mum!!!
(what's in the glass mum! since when do u drink pink wine??)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day on sunday

I had one that I'll never forget!

Going to Gunny

Monique 19, Miranda 21 & Jaimee15.

Here are my girls jamming in the back seat on the way to Gunnedah to help celebrate their cousin Krystal's 18th birthday.

Its was great to have them home. we all celebrated Mother's day on sunday together too. When they arrived on Sunday I had prepared a baked dinner for them. They told me they could smell it cooking as soon as they got out of the car.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Can't Wait!!!

I can't wait to see my girls tomorrow, 2 are travelling here and travelling on the next day to pick up girl number 3 and we are going to neice no 1 for 18th birthday party. I Can't Wait!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pretty Pink Window

I couldn't resist taking a photo of this pretty pink window in Ditton's Pharmacy recently. I would love to buy something for myself from here BUT it's Mother's Day soon so I might spoil mum this time. It's very hard to choose. what do you think?

Inverell, My town

Craig & I often take a walk down by the river after work, it helps us to relieve some stress from our busy days & to get some exercise.

This is the entrance to Campbell Park. It's a pity there are not a lot more weddings held in the gazebo above. leading up to Christmas time there is often jazz music & local musicians playing each friday evening under the gazebo and people come to listen & enjoy the entertainment during the warm evenings.

Inverell is really making there town an enjoyable place to live and enjoy with the family too. Craig works for the local council so he has contributed to it's development you might say and is very proud of his work.

Beautiful McIntyre River through Inverell

New exercise equipment in Campbell Park. Just like you see in the Gym only stronger.
The walking path that leads alongside the river. On the left is the new exercise equipment that has been constructed. It has only been up for a couple of months but already vandals have started their destruction, very sad.
This photo was taken from the bridge leading intothe town. The waves of cement are actually seating which hosts many bottoms during such events as the Sapphire City Fishing Festival & Christmas Carols in the Park. Just beyond the seating is the McIntyre river.