Monday, June 14, 2010

Sending my love

What did you do on this long weekend?

I made some Oreo Pops to send to my girls via my blog, I had to eat them on their behalf but they didn't mind. These were easier to make than I anticipated but there are some tricks to making them turn out just right.

Tip no:1 Make sure you break open the oreo biscuits gently by placing a sharp knife into one side of the oreo a little bit then the other side a bit.

Tip no:2 Heat up a little bit of chocolate and place on the top of one half of the bikkie then twist a stick around the chocolate so its stays in the chocolate when it sets, then place other half of the bikkie on top and place in fridge for at least an hour.

Tip no:3 When coating the oreo with chocolate , dip the whole oreo in the chocolate and twist the oreo on the stick just enough to allow the chocky to set slightly then place onto a greaseproof paper sheet and place in the fridge.

whoops....... before placing in the fridge dip into hundreds and thousands.