Sunday, March 28, 2010


I started my new diet & exercise program today

I reckon I worked out the relationship between food and exercise haha

Like any relationship It's about 'give and take' LOL

6 minutes on the exercise bike = 1 hotcross bun

Go ahead and try it out won't you! It really works

I feel great !!!, really I don't even feel hungry on this diet & I got my exercise too hehe

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My new challenge

Oh Crikey! I done it now haven't I ?
Posting it on my blog that i am going to give my self a challenge
really makes it real doesn't it?

Since 'the big move' to Tamworth
the stress has taken it's toll.
I am starting to put on weight & I feel pretty much like crap.
It scares me to hell to put on weight because at 44 going on 45 it is just unthinkable!!
Have you any idea how long it actually takes me to lose just 5 kilos at this age!!

Now how and what you you may ask??
I have no idea except I need to change what and how I am currently doing.

WHAT TO DO?? Thats the easy part

#No 1: Walk ( something I don't do at all)
#No 2: Exercise bike ( hasn't seen much action for 2 years)
#No 3: Laugh More

#No 4: Stress less

HOW TO DO IT?? Maybe that's another post hehe
or maybe we'll start here

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our weekend adventure started with swap meet on Saturday.
Now I haven;t been to too many of these meet.......ings
& I can tell you I won't be making it the highlight of my weekend any time soon.
I 'm told hubby (who insisted I go along) that 'theyr'e not all this bad'.....OK well lucky for you , thats all I can say!!
Cause I ain't going back in a hurry. See this little leprechaun in the green up there? ^ ha! ha! This fella can talk the tail of a kangaroo. Lets go! shoot through I said ! come on !!! Lawnmowers and pumps that was his speciality, NOT THAT I ASKED, THANKYOU!! don't get me wrong he was a very friendly fella , TOO FRIENDLY!! there should be a fine for people like that, SERIOUSLY. See the lady (below) very nice lady too , but she didn't have trouble taking the hint when you need to move on .
Wow I picked up some cheap BELL china pieces for 20cents each Yes!! The next day I seen similar pieces at a Antique Auction passed in at $30.

Vintage Caravan
Roller coaster ( motorised apparently ) mmmm I don't get it what is this doing here? Ford Falcon XY ? Hubby's dad sold one last year just like this one but before the makeover.
Some older generations of Holdens AH HAHA not my hubbys favourite, he's more a Ford man really

What an exciting weekend HUH?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A dream home

We're getting our dream home.
No, silly, not us!! new mate at work has a new home. Her & hubby are building a new house to make their dream home. This is the view from their very large sliding door that opens out from the kitchen/dining area. She let me 'go peak' inside but as always I only managed to get a couple of shots. I was so taken back by the gorgeous aroma of the timber. I remember that smell.......mmmm.
Ain't nothin' like it!!
They have built on a 5acre block with plenty of room for a BIG SHED for hubby.
The block of land is amongst others in a new estate in Tamworth.
I love the white raling fence that comes with the deal!

This house below is one of many of the new homes in the estate area.
Ahhh! Not particularly my style but I could make do, believe me!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Antique Fair

His choice..........antique fishing lures
Her choice
Crystal candelabras
just gorgeous!!!!