Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My computer dies!!!!!!

Oh my God!!!!! My computer has died!!! I managed to revive it but less than 24 hours later it has given up the fight and finally 'karked it'.

I am using a friend's computer for this post and this may well be the last time we talk for a while so I just thought I would pop on and tell you what I have been up to lately......besides work, work work.

My weightloss program......still only lost 2 kilo's but have lost 13 cm all around.
I am going to the gym 2 to 3 times a week.

My savings are down to an all time LOW due to a couple of celebrations happening at the moment and this dreaded time of the year....

One of my daughters are turning 21 next month and my nephwe is turning 18
There has been 2 new little babies born to my husbands relatives (new neice and new nephew)

& I have been using my Iphone at every opportunity I have.... ...I have become quite the clicker!!! Hahaha

Darn it I was going to upload a photo but I don't have my IPhone charger whoopsie....back ltr

Thursday, October 21, 2010

going, going...........

Oh Boy, what a day, what a week!!! I only managed to get to the gym ,like 4 times in about 10 days and haven't always been very good sticking to the diet BUT
I have managed to achieve a weight loss of about 500grams. Well that is better than a gain, isn't it???
Hey , imagine what I could have lost if I had got off my fat butt and went for an extra walk or done another couple of workouts at the gym and if I had forgone those couple of full cream iced coffees , and oh yeah those chokkies & piece of regular pizza at bedtime last night!!!
Oh Crap!! I need to lose a kilo a week I reckon to get to my goal weight by Christmas!!! So I can PIG OUT!
Note to self: Must be good now in order to be bad later
If you want some information & maybe some inspiration about my diet & exercise plan head on over to see the You tube video below

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Aghhhh damn temptation!!!! I cannot begin to tell you how hard it has been to stay on track. I have been on the Healthy Inspirations diet for about a month now and i am getting a little bit impatient to see the results.

Now I lost around 2kilos but really.......I am hoping that would have doubled by now.

I was trying to be soooo good but then I had a melt down over this past weekend when i had to attend to a family emergency and that's when I fell to the call of a McDonalds iced coffee.

Then from there it was all down hill...........

BUT i picked myself up and went to the Gym...but not to exercise , just tp pick up my chocmint snackbars.

BUT couldn't sneak in and out could I they INSISTED that i WEIGH IN. There seemed like about 200 pairs of eyes staring at me after I said out loud how I failed over the weekend.

I swear the instructors just wanted to make an example of me !!!

BUT guess what!!! I couldn't believe it ........I had lost another 400grams HUH???

So guess what I had today when the GOGO Coffee man dropped into work?? Yep a failed again!

I WILL NOT GIVE UP I SWEAR!!! Back on track next week.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thunder thighs

The time has come to address my gradually increasing waistline. I was forced to take my TOIL day (that's time off in leau of extra hours I have worked overtime) from work on a tuesday. mmmmm what do people do on a tuesday...
I could do the housework.... nuh
I could watch the TV......boooorrrring
I could play with the dog...nuh not for long , this dog stinks mayb he needs a wash??
I know i could wash the dog
OR i could find another excuse NOT to walk or get on the exercise bike or join a gym.

That's it!!! the car & find this gym that 'every man and his dog has joined from my work'
So's I get in the car, head up the road to where i thought the gym was located & guess what I couldn't find the
!@#$.... drove round and round in darn circles round a shopping centre looking for this rotten weightloss centre that I heard so much about.
Almost ready to give in when I spotted it!!!
Ok then, that's more like it....mmmm how do i get over that speed hump AGH!, you would not believe it I had to go out on the roundabout and go round and round again to get into the back of the KFC building where this gym was located. AGHHHH!!!!
About NOW....I am ready to give up ...just another excuse I know but COME ON, REALLY, what tha'??
Long story , short LOL ......I joined the gym & weightloss centre & am on my way at addressing these extra buldges I have developed over the past few months.
I am soooo proud of myself, I have stuck to a diet plan( for 3 days) & gone to the gym x3.
YAY ME!!! lots of applause please ...Thankyou, thankyou
I am taking part in blog hop and linking this post to 'Fat To Fit'
click on the 'Fat to Fit' picture about & it will
show u how to join in

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there today. Happy Father's Day to my dad , hope I get to spend many more days chatting & reminescing with you in the future. Happy Father's Day to Craig, hubby who has been a great step dad & dad to my 2 girls & his daughter Jaimee.I 'm glad i managed to catch Jaimee spending some time with her dad & having a laugh at their bowling skills ( or lack of). These photos were taken on a weekend when she came to visit in July. Craig & I had planned to participate in the charity bowls day for Northcott Disability Services where i work.
Jaimee was still in bed that sunday morning & I was quite surprised that she decided to come along cause she is rarely up before noon( like a lot of teenagers, I 'm sure!) I was very proud of her on that weekend. She isn't here today & hasn't phoned her dad yet to wish him a Happy Father's Day but I 'm sure she is thinking about him.

He's a great dad & amazing step dad & a hard working, generous, gorgeous husband.
Guess what he is doing today? He didn't sleep all night 'cause he has been suffering with his sore hand that he hurt at work yesterday. It has swollen up a little & has limited movement, so after not being able to stand the pain anymore , he has headed up to the emergency dept to see if they will give him some painkillers or sleeping tablets.
When he comes back we are heading over to visit my dad at Gunnedah and I 've suggested we go out in the boat on Keepit Dam but looks like that won't be happening so we'll see what the day brings.
Hope you all have a great day & cook up some beaut Barbies.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Treasured Trinkets

There's always been at least one noticeboard featuring in my girl's rooms as they have grown up at home and now they've carried them over to their dorm & bedsitter. Two very different young women. They reflect everything & more I could ever imagine about each one of them. I could stare at them for hours............... they remind me of the little kids they once were.
I love how they have draped their treasured trinkets from the hooks that share the concert ticket stubs & invites of parties past, memories of family get togethers, positive affirmations & things that make them happy.

If you'd like to make a decorative noticeboard for your little treasures ,pop on over to home to,4007

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Richmond Hotel Lismore August 2010

We went out for dinner at The Richmond Hotel in Lismore one evening over the weekend and we shared some really nice conversation & some yum delicious food on the balcony of the restaurant with my daughters & their friends.

My beautiful first born child, Miranda & her bo' Murray.
My second born, beautiful Monique (right) & her friend Kimberley,

both only one year of finishing their UNI degrees.

They are all gorgeous, aren't they!!!

Delicious seafood platter for one, Nik & Kimberley shared theirs.

Always watching their weight!

Hubby had chicken schnitzel

& mine was a lamb, tomato & basil stir fry thingy

yummo delicious!

Lismore & the Channon Markets

We went to visit the girls at Lismore a couple of weekends ago when hubby & I both had time off work together. I snapped a couple of shots of the countryside around Lismore as we set on a wild goose chase looking for markets, no thanks to the Moteliers where we stayed over that weekend.
We finally found our way to Channon Markets. I was stoked that I chose to be the passenger so I could take in the gorgeous scenery. I swear someone's going to have an accident one of these days driving around perving out windows! What about that ocean blue sky, it's like magic. The famous Channon Markets, I picked up an old chandelier for $40, I ll post about it sometime soon.I could picture myself sitting on the verandah of that house on the hill & sipping iced tea on a lazy sunday afternoon.mmmmm zzzzzz

What about those hills covered in Macadamia Nut trees.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I won!!!

Whoo hoo!! I won!! Thankyou sooo much Brenda. Thankyou also to Megan who drew me out of the collander, no thanks to the chikky however.
Brenda was celebrating her 100th post recently when she decided to have a competition to win a set of her hand made pears.

Her LOve pears were on the front cover of Canberra City News recently when shophandmade an article about their new retail business.
You can find more of these lovely pears and some of her gorgeous handmade items over at
Thanks again Brenda! Your'e a gem!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Beccy & Me

I was lucky enough to see Beccy Cole at the Naidoc Week Celebrations in Centennial Park last friday. She was in Tamworth for the 'Hats off to Country' week and I guess she was visiting people and events in the local community.

She didn't hesitate when I asked her for a photo. What a beautiful person! I was never a big fan but I am now! She went out of her way to give up her time for a couple of photos with me.

I couldn't post the other photos due to privacy laws but I can tell you that there was some very happy faces from some young gentlemen that I was supporting on this day.

Oh Boy, this photo has made me realise that I need to get another hairdresser & must remember to smile more next time too & wish I could do something with that double chin.