Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Silver Jam server?

I thought I would show some of the items I have picked up from garage sales and 2nd hand stores. I have recently been inspired by other bloggers who seem to share the same passion.

I got this bug from dad as i was growing up. I think you have to have skill and talent to find treasures among others trash today. Many people have even made a business from it like my dad when I was younger. The difference between my dad and myself is that I can openly brag about a piece of furniture or item I picked up at a garage sale these days whereas my dad wouldn't dare brag as he was would have been shunned and looked down upon as being poor and having no 'class' at all. Instead he spruced them up and sold them off for a small profit to make ends meet and as a supplement to his basic income as an abbatoir worker and breadwinner in the family

My dad didn't make a fortune buying and selling treasures but he certainly helped to put food on the table and for that dad I am so grateful. Dad's suffering to take a breath these days as Emphysema takes hold of him and he lives with the support of an oxygen cylinder and my dear mum who never leaves his side.

Dad is extremely proud of me, I know this because he tells me all the time, so I show him with the blog what I do with my time as he lives about 3 hours away from here and I don't visit too often.

I bought this little silver treasure on the way to visit him recently and we chatted about it's origins for a while and between us all we decided that it probably was silver and that it was a jam server missing one spoon unfortunately. I really liked it anyway so I paid the dollar they asked and I can't wait to polish it soon.
Are we right is this a jam or sugar server ?

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