Friday, April 24, 2009

My Anzac Day 25 April 2009

The Australian flag flew at half mast until the minutes silence was held then an RSM member raised the flag to full mast. Many of the Inverell community gathered here today at the Cenotaph after marching throught the streets of Inverell in honour and rememberence of all the servicemen and woman who served and died in the wars that have past. Many proud young men and women marched and wore medals of honour for their relatives today. We shall remember them,

Lest We Forget.

Inverell bagpipes

War Veteran named Herb

Laying of the Wreaths

Heritage Vehicles

Anzac Crowd

.....and the crowd stood in a minutes silence to show their respect.

Anzac lunch

I made this delicious apple crumble today for lunch rather than making anzac bikkies. Instead of using the traditional Uncle Toby's Rolled Oats in the bikkies I used it in the topping for the crumble. Yuuummmy!! Low fat too , even better!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I feel better now!!!

Hey i feel better now!! unless its all in my mind??

I went to the dentist today and he took an Xray & seen a abscess down under my tooth. So, I said what cha gunna do now then?? i told him to make it quick cause im i my lunch break! haven't got time for toothache. So he dug around and took an old filling out and then fixed it up he said he reckons i won't have any more trouble with it. FANTASTIC that's all i need to know. On your way out stop by the desk and pay the receptionist $175. It could have been worse!! I could have had root canal therapy and the cost of that would have set me back a while for sure.

Ahhhh! i do feel better now. I have been to my dentist since i moved to Inverell 10 years ago and my girls have both had braces fitted and I had paid off all my accounts. What a good bloke!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tooth fairy?

Oh I am sooo tired, shouldn't be on the computer tonight but i am ordering some more lights for the Bridal Fair and Variety night on the 2nd May. Wow this is all a donation, but i see it as advertising our business and hopefully it will get our name 'out there' and maybe get some work.

i alo need some more organza fabric for draping the catwalk etc etc and then I have to finish the tulle skirting for the stage AGGHH!

So what am doing here , you ask!! trying to get a break in between my full time job and starting my part time job. Seriously, sometimes I don't know what i am thinking.

As soon as I arrived home i had an order for a balloon bouquet, then a few phone calls to people to let them know that there costumes have arrived and when do they plan on picking them up to try them on for size??Then more ordering.

That tulle skirting that I was going to sew tonight is going to have to wait because I think i will go off to bed soon with a couple of panadeine for my STILL ACHING tooth. Going to see dentist tomorrow for xray YEY!! When I get in there I'm not leaving if I can help it, until he takes it from my head.

Enough is Enough!! mmmmm wonder if the tooth fairy will come??

Sunday, April 19, 2009

What a week!

Geez! I have had a fairly strange week. Thought I had a week off work to enjoy a break from work but didn't quite turn out that way. Holidays started onThursday 9th April, 5pm. couldn't wait to start relaxing. That evening as I was RELAXING i started feeling a toothache that had been niggling for a couple of days. Just in case I had rang the dentist during the week leading up to my holidays hoping to get in to be seen. No can do they placed me on the waiting list.........lovely.

So, I took a couple of painkillers and thought that would be the end of it. OH NO I headed for the A & E dept of the hospital looking for some stronger drugs PLEASE. Not one to take take any thing foreign but this was worse that any childbirth I SWEAR! Drugs prescribed and I was on my way. Still headed up to Byron Bay after finding out on Thursday that oldest daughter wants her fridge & furniture that she left behind now that she is moving in to a bigger place. Pain persisted for two days, then I had to start another course of antibiotics that Dr prescribed on friday. OK ended back in A & E at Byron Bay, among a lot of sore a & sorry folk who had been at th Blues Festival the night before. I had a reaction to the antibiotics but nothing I couldn't manage after Dr prscribed Maxalon(which i didn't take by the way) I put up with the symptoms and carried on home back to Inverell. I was fine after i got a bit of food into my belly. See I hadn't eaten muvh with my toothache etc.

Did I mention it was my birthday on the 11th April and Easter saturday too , lots of chokkies around too. Missed out on a lot of fun, but all the time trying to get in the spirit of things for the little children around.

I love my husband soooo much BUT let me tell you he is not the best person to have around when you are sick. That's all I can say about that !!!

Last night is the first time that I slept right throught the night without waking with pain. Oh my god! please take the pain away! They (the dentist) wants me to have root canal therapy. Really! First thought yep Ok sounds good save the tooth. Its been too long with the pain and now i 'm thinkin GET IT OUT !! see, just like childbirth except worse I reckon.

Back to work tomorrow, and it looks like my tooth will be bearable enough to do my job GREAT!! Couldn't have happened could it NEXT week COULD IT??I don't take a lot of holidays that's why I have about 450 hours of sickpay accrued. You know why 'CAUSE IF I 'M GOING TO GET SICK IT ALL HAPPENS WHEN I TRY TO HAVE A DARN HOLIDAY!!

IT'S A GOOD THING I LOVE MY JOB. If I didn't I wouldn't still be there after almost 10 years.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Girls together again

My girls Jaimee, Monique & Miranda

Travelling to Byron Bay over Easter

It took about 5 -6 hours to get to Byron over easter but we stopped over at Tenterfield, home of the Tentrefield Saddler. Remember the song by Peter Allen? He wrote about the Tentrefield Saddler & I think his song may have put the little town on themap. Tentrefield is 2 hours north of Inverell, I really enjoyed my 4 weeks I spent there in the '99 when I did my enrolled nurse training in Community Health. The people were all very genuine hospitable people and took me in like there own which was much appreciated especially when I was homesick for my small 2 young girls at the time.

We wandered alonh the street while we were there & called into a couple of antique stores & passed by a thai restaurant. For a town with only a small population I was very surprised to see the variety of stores, art & culture available. Just a couple of photos to follow, till next time I visit.

Our Easter Weekend,

Things don't always go as planned, be ready for anything & be prepared!
I learnt that in my short time at girl guides when i was 12.
We were planning a different kind of weekend but the oldest girl phoned with good news. Yey mum we are moving into a place together! Ok that's great congrats etc. next question, when?
This weekend!! What yeah, mum can you bring my fridge, the lounge and whatever else you can put on the trailer pleeeeeease!?! Oh yeah & it is your birthday on saturday so we'll get to celebrate it with you too. RIGHT!
Hang on I'll break the news to Craig. No Worries, Craig is up for a trip to anywhere, for some reason he loves driving anywhere anytime.Of course he said YES.
So this is Jaimee in the photo trying to squeeze back into the car after stopping for bite to eat.
We are loaded up and heading to Byron Bay, NSW to see the new place our oldest daughter is moving into with her long time boyfriend & his 2 little boys. They moved to Ocean Shores, 10 mins out from Byron. We visited the 2nd daughter nearby at Lismore where she is studying at Uni.

Guest house at Tenterfield, NSW

I have always wanted to take a photo of this beautiful guesthouse at Tenterfield on our travels. I have driven by it many times and this time I told hubby to pull over & we'll take a photo. It started sprinkling with rain over head but the shot still looks great, what do you think?
Next time through I might get a peak inside, maybe Ill even stay the night. What a great idea for our next wedding anniversary , maybe.

Guest House - How divine in Pink

Friday, April 10, 2009