Sunday, May 24, 2009

No time for Envy

I pondered over the things i needed to get done today and in the near future and what I envy of other's until i picked myself up & went to turning this frustration & need for success into something real for me.

I usually have a full agenda most days, rarely bored!! and if i need or want to achieve something ,i usually prioritise and make a list of goals listing them from the top with the MOST important to the LEAST important.

Then I plan on how & when i am going to achieve this goal.

For E.G

I was really envying my work mates turning up to work tomorrow in their shiny clean vehicles then I thought you dufus add 'Go to the Carwash' to your list and stop being stupid!!!

My list was getting really long , really early in the day. So I scrapped half'o the list and jumped the queue with this one because i really wanted my car to be shining tomorrow because I wanted her to fit in with the other cars on the carpark and not feel left out ( and it might have something to do with having the 'Best' park in the carpark hehe the boss's spot while she's away LOL).

So off I went WITH HUBBY to share the experience & it might have had something to do with him being able to control those bloomin' hoses!!LOL

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