Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday Surprises

Got to love 'em.
My birthday has come and gone recently with not much excitement at all.
It was looking and feeling rather good though when hubby come up to me bright and early and said 'Happy Birthday Darling, Love you!!'
Yep I was surprised that he had remembered! Even though I did mention it a couple of times when out shopping the week or so before.
Of course I replied with Oh Thankyou Baby!!!
But it 's not until tomorrow!!!

Now I didn't get upset, because I secretly thought that if he hadn't got me anything then he had another day up his sleeve, didn't he? HA HAH!!
He couldn't use the ol' excuse of I 've been soooo busy , didn't have any time to get you anything or do anything etc, etc, etc........

Soooo... April 11th....My birthday....Now, I hadn't been so ill affected by another birthday so much as this one. I don't know why but I felt VERY old on this one for sure.

AND as I awoke to a gorgeous April morn, MY Birthday, hoping to be wished and greeted with some lovely happy birthday wishes & showered with luuurrve!

I was greeted with the usual 'wanta cuppa?'...... Ahhhhh(what tha?) No thanks darlin'.
MMMMMmmmmmmm give him time .... sh@#! he's only had a year to work on a gift and greeting for me whats another couple of hours......

THEN... after a couple of hours........' I have to go down town & get some fuel'

OK YEP that's a usual bday thing..... I am expecting some flowers when he returns..... 'cause that's the usual bday thing..... PLEASE NO! PLEASE TRY to think outside flowers.

HE RETURNS............ 'Happy Birthday, darling' & he shoves a card and flowers into my bosom.

I act surprised and say ' Oh thankyou baby, love you!'

It's the thought that counts , RIGHT?
Are you kidding !! let me tell ya, there was no thought in this one!!!

The card is one I would probably buy for a friend & one that i didn't consider to be a best friend either. The card was UGLY and the flowers were mmmm soooo not my favourite....a dried arrangement.

Now, remember 18 months ago?? Craig bought me a diamond ring?
This will be your xmas and birthday pressie for the next three years!!! he said.
Don't forget it was also the diamonds I didn't get for my engagement ring?????
OK.......I GET IT!!!!

Just in case your reading this blog babe.......
here's the thing..........

a few words on paper........cost nothing
bake a cake & add a few candles.......cost nothing
blow up a Happy bday balloon.........cost nothing ... we own our own balloon, party decorating business for goodness sake!!
brekky in bed( i love brekky & brunch)..............cost almost nothing
plant me a potted garden of flowers so we can watch them grow........

& the list goes on............

Remember those footy shorts I bought you for chrissy that you hardly take off to wash???
Well I am seriously considering BINNING THEM!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Neighbours from hell

We went house hunting today to find our next dream home. We had an idea of the neighbourhood that we wanted to settle into UNTIL we seen one of these little fellas in the front yard!!! What Tha?? As we were looking for the right number along the right street. Craig looked over at me and said Did you see that? See what? A fella weeding his garden?? HUH??
'Ah No', the python sunning in the yard. Of course I said 'yeah right, I don't believe you!'
Craig swung the car around at the nearest driveway and said, 'there did you see it'. What ? that's a just a bit of old tyre laying in the guys yard!' Ah No Bull @#* ! he said, I ll go back again and this time open your eyes'.
Ah OK! There it was a 5ft or so big fat python!!!AGH!!! The guy had spotted us checking his mate out and picked him up and took him indoors AGH!!! The little fella was not a tyre tred at all.
OMG we didn't bother with the house just kept driving to the next neighbourhood.
I am not surprised every other house in the street is not 'up 4 sale!" HUH?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What a surprise!

Two weekends ago my two girls up and decided to come visit mum.
They phoned about 6pm on the friday evening and asked if I wa going to be home if they drove down, they wouldn't expect to arrive until about midnight. I was surprised, excited and scared for their safety all at the same time. I waited anxiously for them to arrive all evening. We kept in touch with the mobile phone along the way on their trip.Eventually they arrived at 1.00 am on the saturday!!!
We chatted for a while before heading to bed. Then Saturday morning after a 'sleep in' we headed down the street to shop of course ,what else! My oldest daughter bumped into her friend whilst down town and you wouldn't believe the screams AGHH!!!!!! screech!!!!!Head turning stuff!!!!So instantly we had another girl in the house, yep then soon after ..........
My step daughter arrived on the bus from her mums house around 11am.
It's been a while since we had all girls together and their friends too. Poor hubby!! No boys boo hoo.
Later in the afternoon we all headed over to see rellies at nearby town, Gunnedah.
That's my dad, with the girls below (in the photo, he has emphysema and needs to have the oxygen concentrator on him at all times). dad wouldn't let the go, he hadn't seen them for about 12 months and knew he wouldn't see them for a while again.
Funny thing... My dad said to one of the girls ....'you've put on weight, Nik?' It never comes out quite the right way for Dad. What he meant was 'you finally put on weight, Nik'. Nik was always very skinny as a child, people used to accuse me of not feeding her hehe.

Love you girls!!!xoxoxox

Friday, April 2, 2010


Woah!! I missed posting about Autism Awareness Day!!
Better late than never , right?
My new job requires me to co ordinate weekend and school holiday respite for children with a wide range of disabilities, Autism included.
Learning about the many challenges that face children and their parents with Autism has been one of my biggest challenges that I have had to face for a long time. I love my job!!!
To view a lovely video on youtube click here