Thursday, October 21, 2010

going, going...........

Oh Boy, what a day, what a week!!! I only managed to get to the gym ,like 4 times in about 10 days and haven't always been very good sticking to the diet BUT
I have managed to achieve a weight loss of about 500grams. Well that is better than a gain, isn't it???
Hey , imagine what I could have lost if I had got off my fat butt and went for an extra walk or done another couple of workouts at the gym and if I had forgone those couple of full cream iced coffees , and oh yeah those chokkies & piece of regular pizza at bedtime last night!!!
Oh Crap!! I need to lose a kilo a week I reckon to get to my goal weight by Christmas!!! So I can PIG OUT!
Note to self: Must be good now in order to be bad later
If you want some information & maybe some inspiration about my diet & exercise plan head on over to see the You tube video below

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Aghhhh damn temptation!!!! I cannot begin to tell you how hard it has been to stay on track. I have been on the Healthy Inspirations diet for about a month now and i am getting a little bit impatient to see the results.

Now I lost around 2kilos but really.......I am hoping that would have doubled by now.

I was trying to be soooo good but then I had a melt down over this past weekend when i had to attend to a family emergency and that's when I fell to the call of a McDonalds iced coffee.

Then from there it was all down hill...........

BUT i picked myself up and went to the Gym...but not to exercise , just tp pick up my chocmint snackbars.

BUT couldn't sneak in and out could I they INSISTED that i WEIGH IN. There seemed like about 200 pairs of eyes staring at me after I said out loud how I failed over the weekend.

I swear the instructors just wanted to make an example of me !!!

BUT guess what!!! I couldn't believe it ........I had lost another 400grams HUH???

So guess what I had today when the GOGO Coffee man dropped into work?? Yep a failed again!

I WILL NOT GIVE UP I SWEAR!!! Back on track next week.