Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy 16th Birthday

Jaimee celebrated her 16th Birthday last weekend with family and a couple of friends. Her dad and I only get to see her every second Saturday since she decided to live with her mum & stepbrother last year so we decided to surprise her by hosting a BBQ lunch & party. The big hit was the Pavlova that Jaimee's Aunty Carmen sent to the party. she couldn't make it as she had to stay at home by the fire with the flu & chicken pox.
Making & decorating the cupcakes was a group project for Jaimee, her cousin & friend.
Jaimee wanted some cash for her birthday to buy clothes of her choice but we thought we would surprise her with this blue hoody from Ripcurl.

Little Red

Dedicated & Loyal Boost Juice Employee, my girl Nik or (Little Red as nicknamed by my friend Helen.)
This is a girl that really loves her job. She even turned up for work on a day when her mum was coming to visit it & she wasn't being paid either. She volunteered all day!!!!!!Well all for a free feed no doubt. She is studying Hospitality & Tourism Business Management at University and she told me she is recently learning some very important skills to help her to become a good boss. We try to help her out when money gets tight and she says she will repay us when she becomes a millionaire. This girl has very high expectations and I'm sure she'll do her best to achieve her goals.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Magnolia Store

Window shopping at Magnolia Homeware store.

Love to have any of these goodies at home.

Boys n their toys

Craig thought he'd play a joke on his mates and sent them a photo from his phone of this little beauty. He added the message .........Look what I got in the garage !!!!!
didn't take long for some mates to turn up to check it out.
He thought it was a great laugh. He really wants one FOR REAL now. Oh Boy, couldn't he stick to his bonsai as a hobby???

This could be a good trick to use on the boys to get them over to help with reno's etc..............mmmmmm(thinking).

Girls & their gadgets

Some things never change do they!
seriously there is mirrors in all rooms but they still insist on hogging the bathroom. Then when it's my turn to put my makeup on etc etc, who gets the blame for running late , yep you guessed it ! Yours truly!!!! 'Mum you really should be more organised'. Say, what??

As much as I love them i was glad to have my bathroom back that weekend. Hang on .......I remember. I made the rule when those rotten hair straighteners become all the rage that they could only be used in the bathroom.
See the wrought iron rack on the wall?

That was my great idea to elleviate some stress on me. You can't have 4 women in the house , all fluffing around trying to get ready for school and work and using hairdryers and hair straighteners & numerous other electrical products unless you have some strategies in place help you keep sane. Hair staighteners can be a very dangerous item to have in the house!!

The girls would turn them on, leave their rooms to go to the kitchen to make brekky and then heaad back after the starighteners were heated. I can tell you I had a big scare a couple of times when I came home in my luchtime and found them turned on still AGH!!! My heart would miss a beat or two , I can tell you. Fortunately we had cut off switches installed in the power box BUT this doesn't help if it over heats whilst left on a bedroom dresser or hanging on the wardrobe door knob. Thankfully we were very lucky and never had any serious dramas. I really don't know how I managed to be ready for work on time those days.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lessons to learn

We went to visit her last weekend to 'drop off' a second hand washing machine & clothes dryer. We travelled up and back in the one day, 4.5 hours up & 4.5 hours back. I just grab any chance to see my girls. Nik (2nd child)was at work so we went through a 1/2 hour down the track and visited Miranda & her new family (partner & his 2 boys).

Miranda, my oldest, little girl, who often reminds me to 'stop worrying, you'll make yourself sick!'Banned me as her facebook friend, yes I know how could she?? Well quite easy I discovered.
I object, I don't believe I was given enough warning! I remember her saying something about do not comment on anything on facebook OK. I don't think I did??WHatEVer!!
Now I now she means what she says. Just because she doesn't raise her voice when she says it, doesn't mean she won't do it(ban me). OK I GOT IT!! OK
I know she still loves me 'cause she tells me often , so thats cool.

They say you never stop learning. Here's a lesson I learnt the hard way.

Lesson 1) Miranda is 21 and now she can punish mum. mmmmmmmm??
What ever you do, do not comment on daughters photo's of 'way out' friday night party scenes on facebook.
I GOT IT already!! Just tell me 'how come aunties, uncles, step-mums etc etc are allowed to comment mmmmmmmmmm??Don't worry I know the answer.......................
Here she is unwrapping the pressies ( her stuff that mum & Craig had stored under the house for 3 years whilst she was getting around to picking it up ).
Do not unwrap the girls stuff & place it where you think it would look nice because it's her stuff to unwrap in her home, not yours. Her nest not yours!
It is sooooooo much harder to step back and let others do for themselves, than it is to do it for them. Especially harder when they're own.

You should have seen the spotless home she had when we arrived. I asked if she had cleaned up for us and she replied No, mum its always like this and this is how I like it!! Grrrr??That's how I always liked my home too, not that it stayed like that when she was living there. What's going on here is she pulling my leg?
It doesn't really matter does it?
My reply to this? Well you have a lovely home & I am proud of you. Thanks mummy, she said.
On that note I snapped a photo.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pecan Pie

Oh my goodness!!! I love desserts!!
This is my first attempt at making pecan pie & it won't be my last. I could literally live on desserts alone! Hubby chose to have his with lots of icecream AND cream. I have to try and be a 'little bit good' so i settled for the cream (lots of hehe). Yep !probably won't fit into those new jeans now. Lookout exercise bike here I come!
Not a very good photo but you'll never really know how good it looks or tastes until you try it yourself.
Now, I would share the recipe but i can't find the magazine that I have taken it from ???
Sorry, but you'll all just have to take my word for it.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Precious Gifts

Here are a few of my very special things.
I especially love the framed everlasting 'bouquet of ribbon flowers' that my mum and dad made for my 4oth birthday. Dad salvaged the 'vase' which was an old clock frame and mum filled the timeless piece with some of my favourite colours and flowers. I have forgotten so many of the other gifts I have received throughout my life but the ones handmade with love always remain true and precious in my heart and memory.