Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My computer dies!!!!!!

Oh my God!!!!! My computer has died!!! I managed to revive it but less than 24 hours later it has given up the fight and finally 'karked it'.

I am using a friend's computer for this post and this may well be the last time we talk for a while so I just thought I would pop on and tell you what I have been up to lately......besides work, work work.

My weightloss program......still only lost 2 kilo's but have lost 13 cm all around.
I am going to the gym 2 to 3 times a week.

My savings are down to an all time LOW due to a couple of celebrations happening at the moment and this dreaded time of the year....

One of my daughters are turning 21 next month and my nephwe is turning 18
There has been 2 new little babies born to my husbands relatives (new neice and new nephew)

& I have been using my Iphone at every opportunity I have.... ...I have become quite the clicker!!! Hahaha

Darn it I was going to upload a photo but I don't have my IPhone charger whoopsie....back ltr

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