Friday, June 5, 2009

Stay Safe but Have a Load of Fun!!

Three beautiful, free spirited young ladies who can't wait to get together to see each other again. Miranda, Monique & the blonde 'ring in', is Jazmin.
She is one of Monique's best friends but Miranda has become very close to her too.
This is an old photo taken last April on a trip to Byron Bay where life is very 'alternate'
up there. Quite a culture shock for some!!
Jazmin is about to get on the plane right now, actually using her mobile to chat with her friends on facebook. Can you believe this! when I left home we did not even have the landline phone connected for 2 years.
Miranda & Monique will pick her her up from the airport and travel onto another friends house where they are staying at the Gold Coast.
Then from there they are going to see The Presets Concert WOW! Who are the Presets?! Well I am going to google them soon, when I find them I'll tell you. Girls will spend a couple of days there before coming home. I know I am not supposed to worry but it's hard not to worry.
Miranda phoned last week to tell me about the trip and she nearly hung up the phone after I give her all the 'be careful, don't do this, don't do that' . She said 'Mum, you really have to stop worrying about us so much'. I replied ' well work out how i can stop doing that then tell me & i'll do it'. I explained that she will know what it is like when she becomes a mother herself. It is simply impossible!
I got more than had ever wished for in these girls.... that is educated, independent young ladies and much, much more... They have surpassed my expectations and I am sooooo proud. I would like to think I might have some influence on their friends too but they have their own mums to thank too I suppose.
I think of my own mum, who must have worried herself sick at times, I grew up with out the telephone connected and I have 4 siblings, me being the oldest. My only access to the rest of the world was through the corner phone box and my Aunty who had the phone connected.
You know, thanks to technology we have today I actually feel like a little angel watching over them as they wander their way through life. I hope they feel safe & secure knowing that i am only a phone call or a cyber second away.
Well, now they are building memories to last them a life time. Somedays I feel so lonely without them I could cry for hours but mostly I just miss them and hope that wherever they are that they are safe and happy.
Luv u guys, stay safe but above all else HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Well, they are so lucky to be young and have the opportunity to travel and just have fun with no worries!! I remember when I was this care free. But once you settle down with family and work it half impossible to be "carefree". I hope they have tons and tons of fun. And mothers will ALWAYS matter how old their children get.