Thursday, June 18, 2009

The cup is half full

My day off today! Up bright and early to leave home to get the grocery shopping done early. I 'd barely left home and can you believe what ran out in front of my path, yep A BLACK CAT.
No I'm not supersticious! but I grew up in a family that were very supersticious. I was often copping the blame for the bad luck around at the time. 'I told you not to put that umberella up in the house' and 'if only you hadn't put those new shoes on the table' Oh Geez!!
As much as I tried not to ingrain this stuff into my head somedays it's easier to lay the blame on something one or something else isn't it? But today wasn't going to be one of those days !! Luckily, as an adult i learnt the power of self talk and how to change my negative thoughts into positive ones.
So, when I saw that beautiful glossy black cat cross my path this morning i turned potential, dare I say it....bad luck into GOOD LUCK.
So far, i've had a really good day! I went to the supermarket to get my groceries and picked up heaps of bargains and managed to get everything(& more) on my list. Got through the checkout without strain and you wouldn't believe it i found 2 cheap white dinner sets that I have been searching for ages. I couldn't carry them but I'll get hubby to help me when he comes home we'll duck back down later,.Huh!the way my luck is going they should still be there!
Then home with the shopping and i went back down to look some more through the stores. Yay! SALO, SALO at Options Furntiture & Homewares, Yes and look what I found all their stock was from 35% - 60% off. I picked up the smaller cake stand for $9. This would look great with a little cupcake in it don't you think? Then i went to St Vincent De Pauls to search for more bargains and i could not believe it!! There was a larger one there for $2 in the box and all! only it didn't come with the glass dome BUT that's Ok I can still use it to display a small fruit cake on at christmas time. Whew!! I 'm exhausted from all this shopping. I managed to pick up some wire edged ribbons at Crazy Prices cheap and Oh yeah nearly forgot, see the pink & white check fabric in the photo it's big enough for a 6" table for $2.It only needs stitching around the edges.
The universe is speaking to me & begging me to tempt this theory of positive thinking and see what else i can achieve today. See you all later....................

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  1. Positive thinking will get'cha everywhere. You are so cute ... TTFN ~Marydon