Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tooth fairy?

Oh I am sooo tired, shouldn't be on the computer tonight but i am ordering some more lights for the Bridal Fair and Variety night on the 2nd May. Wow this is all a donation, but i see it as advertising our business and hopefully it will get our name 'out there' and maybe get some work.

i alo need some more organza fabric for draping the catwalk etc etc and then I have to finish the tulle skirting for the stage AGGHH!

So what am doing here , you ask!! trying to get a break in between my full time job and starting my part time job. Seriously, sometimes I don't know what i am thinking.

As soon as I arrived home i had an order for a balloon bouquet, then a few phone calls to people to let them know that there costumes have arrived and when do they plan on picking them up to try them on for size??Then more ordering.

That tulle skirting that I was going to sew tonight is going to have to wait because I think i will go off to bed soon with a couple of panadeine for my STILL ACHING tooth. Going to see dentist tomorrow for xray YEY!! When I get in there I'm not leaving if I can help it, until he takes it from my head.

Enough is Enough!! mmmmm wonder if the tooth fairy will come??

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  1. Hello,
    Thanks for stopping by yesterday and leaving the sweet comments. For my birthday I recieved a beautiful framed garden print from my mom, p.j.'s from my youngest son and a movie,a beautiful decorative plate from my daughter, a floral vase and the 'Becomming Jane' soundtrack from my Aunt and a pink ice ring from my friend. I loved all of it. It was a good birthday. I hope that yours was as well.

    I hope your tooth feels better. My daughter had to have a root canal last week and she feels so much better now.

    Lee Laurie