Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Easter Weekend,

Things don't always go as planned, be ready for anything & be prepared!
I learnt that in my short time at girl guides when i was 12.
We were planning a different kind of weekend but the oldest girl phoned with good news. Yey mum we are moving into a place together! Ok that's great congrats etc. next question, when?
This weekend!! What yeah, mum can you bring my fridge, the lounge and whatever else you can put on the trailer pleeeeeease!?! Oh yeah & it is your birthday on saturday so we'll get to celebrate it with you too. RIGHT!
Hang on I'll break the news to Craig. No Worries, Craig is up for a trip to anywhere, for some reason he loves driving anywhere anytime.Of course he said YES.
So this is Jaimee in the photo trying to squeeze back into the car after stopping for bite to eat.
We are loaded up and heading to Byron Bay, NSW to see the new place our oldest daughter is moving into with her long time boyfriend & his 2 little boys. They moved to Ocean Shores, 10 mins out from Byron. We visited the 2nd daughter nearby at Lismore where she is studying at Uni.

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