Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thankyou Kimmie

My mood was spiralling downwards faster than the devil going to hell. Wow I know how that looks but i couldn't describe it any better. Thank goodness for Kimmie who lifted me out of the dark today.



It doesn't take a lot to make someone else's day really.

It may only take a little time & patience but it can make the world of difference

What might seem like a nice little gesture to someone, may be feel like

a new beginning, sunshine through the blinds or

a way out of the darkness for others.

Kimmie you have inspired me to get out of my dark mood today, you showed me that people do care for others even when we haven't even met each other.

I was reluctant to share my weekend dramas but I feel i might so i can move on to the next step in my life,

it all started with my dad...........

& facebook

My dad is suffering an illness and recently i decided to move

closer to his home town to see more of him and to also try and take some

of the load from my sister who has been a great support to both my mum & dad

when I haven't been there.

I was thinking a lot about the trip over to see dad & mum again soon when

I chose to write a comment on facebook

A day spent with dad................Priceless
To my shock !!!!!!!!!!

My darling step daughter who lives with her mum decided
the comment was meant for her

as she had chosen not to come to visit her dad AGAIN this weekend.

Of course she commented back rather rude comments and the rest is history !!!
It was decided between darling daughter, her mum & darling hubby of mine that the comment was definately intended for darling daughter.

I know what you are thinking.........

i must be mad...

How can I say that or even think it.........
AND the story goes.........
Daughter (16)has given dad an altermatem unfortunately and he has to make a choice.

Right now he is doing just that!!!
Deciding within the comfort of his dad's home(3 hours away)& with the support of his sister, whether or not he'll leave me or not.

He said he'll tell me his decision tomorrow.

I made a big mistake that I have avoided over all these years & that was


Again thanks Kimmie

for the award because It'll will keep me going until he decides if i am worthy

I 'll pass it on as soon as I can


  1. OMG Vicki

    What a nightmare, I would get in first and tell him he is not welcome with you if he does not trust you!

    Big hugs

  2. Oh My God Vicki!! What can I say!!! What a huge smack in the face!!! I am giving you a cyber cuddle!! Can you feel it??
    I don't even know what to say, you are his wife!! Its a huge mistake to let kids come between your marriage, even your shared children!! At the end of the day, its you both that are going to be together long after the kids have their own lives and forget about mum and dad!!! Im sure after some time away from the situation he will see the accident that happened... just a misunderstanding in cyberspace! I mean they aren't even words that were spoke!!! Its the age we are living in hey, all this modern technology for communication, but blimy it brings its own stress doesn't it!!!
    Vicki, i so hope that things work out for you!! After your move and job change and everything else that's gone on in your life, you really don't need this on top of it!!
    Your hubby is a decent bloke, im sure he will do the right thing....

  3. I'm so sorry to hear this. It is so sad how things can get so out of hand. I've been in a similar situation before. Take care and I hope everything works out for you. Hopefully he will realize the misunderstanding.

    Lee Laurie

  4. Just checking in to see if you are ok darlin?



  5. He decided to stay just when I was ready for him to leave LOL Thankyou Kimmie & Thankyou to my blogging friends! what would I do without you!!I will post soon.