Saturday, August 15, 2009

Funky Fabrics

Just a litte bit of bragging & rambling from me today
& a fabulous find.

I landed my first job at age 15 while still in school. It was in a fabric, manchester & haberdashery department of the local Curlewis Farmer's Co Op. I was still at school studying Maths, English & Science & i took French and Textiles & Design as the electives.

Boy, did I suck at french but in Textiles & Design, I pretty much rocked, I reckon! I have a vivid memory of getting 99% /100 for drafting some outrageous sleeve pattern into a leg of mutton sleeve design. That's probably the closest I ever got to perfect, ahhh but what a good day to remember.
I had big plans of becoming a fashion designer & I would certainly use the french lessons when I travelled to France to exhibit my designs.

Well, I got the next big thing, landed a permanent full time position as a sales assistant in the local town.

...........Paris, France?? Well that's another story.

Anyway, I love fabrics.
I had been searching online for some bright, vintage style fabric. Maybe stripy, dotty and flowery, mmmmm definately PINK & maybe with a little bit of Red & yellow, green & blue.

I found a funky online store that had just what I wanted to make myself a funky

'50's mum' apron.

How absolutely, crazy, lucky am I ????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the blocks of fabrics all lined up so i can choose. Mmmmmmmm which one???
Funky Frilly Apron Funky Animal Print & Frills
Now head over to
have some fun dreaming of your next big project

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  1. Mmm! All those fabrics look absolutely yummy! I love aprons too! What fun!
    Hugs, Patti