Monday, August 17, 2009

3 or more Tuesday

I have 2 posts in one, I guess. First I wanted to show my 3 cheap finds that I found at the thrift store yesterday & the other is my scrumptious felt strawberries I bought from blogging friend Brenda:)
I couldn't believe it when I saw this cute little white dish from Embellish, it was very similar to the white cake plates I saw on Poof......Happy Home blog.
I got it for $1.

The second item was the fabric scarf thingy which I knew i had to have just because............. and the third item was that beautiful vintage square tablecloth which i really love.
There you have it, Three or More Tuesday!!!
As soon as I heard little COCO barking, i knew the my parcel had arrived from Brenda:)

How gorgeous are these!!, I raced straight outside to take a photo of them in the sunlight to post on the blog.

Hasn't she done a pretty job of packaging them up for me, I could have given them away as a gift just the way they were. I think NOT! Theyr'e MINE!

If you would like to purchase some like these ,she sells them for $10 for 1/2 dozen. I bought 1 dozen & she was kind enough to mixed them up for me, 6 red & 6 pink (of course). Isn't she wonderful!!& aren't they so sweet!!

You'll find her over at It's All Relative To Me @
If you'd like to participate in this or any future Three or More Tuesday's then pop on over to The Gypsy Corner @ and join in.


  1. How wonderful to get a brilliant package like this in the mail! Gorgeous bright colours and so unusual!

  2. The strawberries look fantastic with your pink basket. So glad you are happy with them.