Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lessons to learn

We went to visit her last weekend to 'drop off' a second hand washing machine & clothes dryer. We travelled up and back in the one day, 4.5 hours up & 4.5 hours back. I just grab any chance to see my girls. Nik (2nd child)was at work so we went through a 1/2 hour down the track and visited Miranda & her new family (partner & his 2 boys).

Miranda, my oldest, little girl, who often reminds me to 'stop worrying, you'll make yourself sick!'Banned me as her facebook friend, yes I know how could she?? Well quite easy I discovered.
I object, I don't believe I was given enough warning! I remember her saying something about do not comment on anything on facebook OK. I don't think I did??WHatEVer!!
Now I now she means what she says. Just because she doesn't raise her voice when she says it, doesn't mean she won't do it(ban me). OK I GOT IT!! OK
I know she still loves me 'cause she tells me often , so thats cool.

They say you never stop learning. Here's a lesson I learnt the hard way.

Lesson 1) Miranda is 21 and now she can punish mum. mmmmmmmm??
What ever you do, do not comment on daughters photo's of 'way out' friday night party scenes on facebook.
I GOT IT already!! Just tell me 'how come aunties, uncles, step-mums etc etc are allowed to comment mmmmmmmmmm??Don't worry I know the answer.......................
Here she is unwrapping the pressies ( her stuff that mum & Craig had stored under the house for 3 years whilst she was getting around to picking it up ).
Do not unwrap the girls stuff & place it where you think it would look nice because it's her stuff to unwrap in her home, not yours. Her nest not yours!
It is sooooooo much harder to step back and let others do for themselves, than it is to do it for them. Especially harder when they're own.

You should have seen the spotless home she had when we arrived. I asked if she had cleaned up for us and she replied No, mum its always like this and this is how I like it!! Grrrr??That's how I always liked my home too, not that it stayed like that when she was living there. What's going on here is she pulling my leg?
It doesn't really matter does it?
My reply to this? Well you have a lovely home & I am proud of you. Thanks mummy, she said.
On that note I snapped a photo.


  1. Sometimes it's hard with adult children. Stepping back and letting them go forward is hard enough but then when you try to be a part in some way or comment, it's wrong. Like you said, lesson learned and she does love you. You're a good mom, don't ever forget it!

  2. Oh my gosh, I can identify with so much in your post. I have also been chastised for commenting on my daughter's FB account. She is 22 and I have also been threatened, yet others comments are welcome....what's the deal.
    Love our kids, and see, they keep a beautiful home just like you did, for themselves and that shows only that you taught them well. Our influence is so great, we just don't know the extent.
    Keep on lovin em...cause you know what, they love us right their own way!!
    Have a fabulous day!!
    Hugs, Nerina :)

  3. I am checking my blogworld before work this morning and its lovely to be greeted with beautiful people. I am so grateful to think I am not alone. Thankyou, I am very grateful for your kind words. Cheers to you all and have a great day!!I'm off o work now,with a bounce in my step,cya

  4. OMGOSH! Sounds just like me and my 26 year old daughter! She keeps her house spotless and she never kept her room that way. I mean clothes up to my ankles and never made her bed unless she was having a sleep over. I went to work countless times stressed out because of her room. By boss at the time would just tell me to shut her door and not think about it or look at it. That was hard to do! Now she keeps a spotless house and has 2 messy teenage step-daughters. She fusses all of the time about how messy they are. I just smile...what goes around comes around! LOL

    You are not alone.LOL