Thursday, July 23, 2009

Girls & their gadgets

Some things never change do they!
seriously there is mirrors in all rooms but they still insist on hogging the bathroom. Then when it's my turn to put my makeup on etc etc, who gets the blame for running late , yep you guessed it ! Yours truly!!!! 'Mum you really should be more organised'. Say, what??

As much as I love them i was glad to have my bathroom back that weekend. Hang on .......I remember. I made the rule when those rotten hair straighteners become all the rage that they could only be used in the bathroom.
See the wrought iron rack on the wall?

That was my great idea to elleviate some stress on me. You can't have 4 women in the house , all fluffing around trying to get ready for school and work and using hairdryers and hair straighteners & numerous other electrical products unless you have some strategies in place help you keep sane. Hair staighteners can be a very dangerous item to have in the house!!

The girls would turn them on, leave their rooms to go to the kitchen to make brekky and then heaad back after the starighteners were heated. I can tell you I had a big scare a couple of times when I came home in my luchtime and found them turned on still AGH!!! My heart would miss a beat or two , I can tell you. Fortunately we had cut off switches installed in the power box BUT this doesn't help if it over heats whilst left on a bedroom dresser or hanging on the wardrobe door knob. Thankfully we were very lucky and never had any serious dramas. I really don't know how I managed to be ready for work on time those days.


  1. oh yeah, overheating, not good! I never left them on that long, I was always scared to have no home to come home to!

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I know I am beautiful - sometimes I wish others would realize it!

  2. A a hairdresser I have one too many times burnt my hand catching a Set of Straightners as They fell from the desk or whatever!
    Ugh! But Could'nt live without them thats for sure