Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Love is........a strawberry cheescake

Look what my hubby made, I knew I was keeping this photo for a special post. Hubby made this strawberry cheescakke for me 'just because ' one day last month. I'm glad I dug the photo out cause I wasn't luvin' him too much earlier today.
As much as I would like to think I have a perfect marriage I am a realist and I know that this isn't always so.
Yesterday i was ready to 'wring my husband's neck' . What for? you may ask? Well that was yesterday and lets just say that it's a good thing i don't hold grudges. Grrrrr........
Be careful what you wish for , they say...................yesterday, I hoped and prayed that something would change his (yes his !) behaviour towards me and what happened I woke up to a stinkin' dust storm didn't I? My goodness I thought, what have I done!! wished for a miracle or more like a disaster of sorts.I wondered how this dust was going to change the little storm we had going on inside the house.??
Hubby went off to work still NOT HAPPY with me and I stayed home with a stomach virus. Later in the morning he arrived home with my favorite hamburger and an Iced Coffee (my fave!! ) he knew I wouldn't venture out in the dust today so he bought me home home lunch. Had we had not had the dust storm things may have been a bit different.
I just melted into his arms and everything was OK Again.......all is forgiven,again.
Now, I'm off to cook him up a big dinner and give him a big hug when he comes through the door singing out 'honey I m home!!!'( he loves saying that!hehe)
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  1. The best part about having a "difference of opinion" as I like to call it - is... making up ??? lol. By the way thanks for the tax tips on the dentist thing - I didn't know that...cheers Jackie

  2. That's cool!! I edited my post a bit too since you read it. god I right some silly stuff sometimes!!guess what I burnt the nice dinner when i was bloggin on, oh crap!!

  3. Loving the look of that cheesecake :]
    Heartpoet often jokes about let's have a pretend fight so we can have make up *** lol ;]

    Ahh men LOL

  4. Mmmm that cheesecake looks delish!!
    Glad all is well now, tension is just the worst.

    Sheryn xox

  5. That is so sweet! We all get like that sometimes. He was so sweet to bring you lunch and that cheesecake looks delicious!

  6. Your hubby is so sweet when making up after a difference of opinion!