Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dust over Inverell

I think a trip to the carwash is needed , maybe tomorrow? The dust feels thick on my tongue and gritty to my eyes and I haven't even been 'out in it' today. This photo doesn't really show the extent of it all really. This is at 3.15pm this afternoon, it seems to becoming clearer but the winds aren't dying down at all. This is a photo looking over the top of my neighbours rooftop. It's very dusty outside and blowing a gale. I am inside with the house all locked up. All relatives and friends seemed to be affected by it over a lot of Australia.
I thought I 'd get in and do some cleaning and ironing etc etc. BUT guess what i done ?
Not a heck of a lot of anything. I roamed around on blogland and then rang all my rellies to see how they were coping with the weather conditions and just a lot of R & R really.
The dust has had me concerned for my mum and dad who both have emphysema and of course you worry for your children, don't you when they are living away from home and are 'bulletproof'.
I 've rang my parents twice already today, you see i am very worried for my dad who lives with an oxygen cylinder. We nearly lost him last year until the Dr discussed what would happen to him if he 'became worse'. Well, talk about 'will to live'!! I believe it was a good thing that dad was informed of his condition. They said he wouldn't come out of hospital ever but you don't know my dad . He's a real fighter!! hey, i didn't know my dad either!!
But i am getting to know him better again, stuff we missed when I turned into a rebellious teenager.

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  1. That looks bad! I saw it on the news this morning! Stay inside where its safe to breathe!

    Take care,
    Lee Laurie